Expansion with Dr. Kellie


Most people underestimate the value of stretching. Daily stretching has been shown to increase range of motion, flexibility, and blood flow to muscles. It is also a great way to reduces stress.

When we don’t stretch, our muscles become shorter and tighter leading to a reduced range of motion and increased risk of injuries.

Join Dr. Kellie, founder of Creative Wellness Solutions, for a short routine and expand your stress management toolkit.

About Dr. Kellie

Dr. Kellie, is a global traveler, speaker, poet, tree hugger, yoga teacher, holistic psychotherapist, family lover, drummer, dancer, spa promoter, heart centered hypnotherapist, live happily life consultant, essential oil enthusiast, wellness promoter and has presented workshops and wellness circles both nationally and internationally. Dr. Kellie believes in learning healing ways from other cultures and bringing those wise ways to the masses.

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