Attitude is the way a person shows their emotions depending on what they feel. A person’s attitude can be positive or negative.

  • Positive Attitude: When you have a positive attitude you demonstrate things like,
    • Confidence, happiness, sincerity, determination, seeing the good in every situation, overcoming problems
  • Negative Attitude: When you have a negative attitude you demonstrate things like,
    • Anger, doubt, frustration, ignoring all the good things in life, running away from tough situations, finding the bad in everything

Maintaining A Positive Attitude

It is generally known that having a positive attitude is better than having a negative attitude, but what can maintaining a positive attitude do for you?
• Help you to achieve goals
• Bring more joy into your life
• Makes you more fun to be around
• Makes it easier to make friends
• Causes you to have more energy, enthusiasm, and interest
• Increases your confidence
• Helps you to overcome obstacles
• Your attitude becomes contagious

Creating A Positive Attitude

If you find you often have a negative attitude here are some ways to turn it into a positive one:
1. Choose to be happy: Being happy can be a choice, when unhappy thoughts start to enter your mind just ignore them and focus on happy thoughts.
2. Look at the bright side: Look for the bright side of life, you can find something good in just about any situation.
3. Be optimistic: Chose to believe that things are going to change for the better.
4. Smile: Find more reason to smile, whether it’s watching a funny movie or laughing with friends.
5. Believe in yourself: Always believe in yourself and remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.
6. Surround yourself with happy people: Be around other people that are happy, because people’s happiness can be contagious.
7. Visualize: Visualize and think about only what you WANT to happen in your life, not what you don’t want to happen.