A World of Yoga

Yoga first originated as an ancient Hindu discipline, and is the practice of body postures, meditation and breathing control. There are many different types of training yoga, which can vary in method and intensity. Nearly all types include the practice of breathing exercises and simple meditation, as well as the poses and postures that stretch and flex different muscle groups. These elements are what make Yoga an overall outstanding workout and provide numerous health benefits. If you are looking for a specific way yoga can help you, keep reading to discover more.

If you are looking to get more energy and feel restored, Yoga would be a great option for you. When you feel that you are low on energy, a hormone in your body called Cortisol has decreased. The hormone Cortisol regulates your energy levels, and with Yoga you can actually increase your Cortisol levels. Helping to increase these levels then reduces fatigue. Practicing yoga is essentially detoxing the body through exercise. When stretching the muscles during yoga, you massage your internal organs. This helps in rinsing toxins out of the body. During the rinsing of toxins and raising of Cortisol, your energy levels are boosted straight away, and you receive new oxygen and revitalize your entire body as a whole.

Speaking of breathing, the respiratory system is made up of various different parts that all have different functions. For instance: The lungs, bronchial tube, nose, air passages such as the larynx, pharynx, and trachea. Apart from being able to speak, these parts are responsible for supplying oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide from the body. In Yoga the purpose of breathing practices are to promote relaxation and calmness. An added benefit to yoga’s breathing practices is in building up great respiratory stamina. From this point it can help manage substances that cause allergic reactions affecting the respiratory system. Stress is another factor that can also affect the respiratory system. However, this type of management is only done through continued practice.

If you’re looking to increase your metabolism, Yoga can actually benefit that too. Increases in movement or activity in general can speed up your metabolism rate. Your metabolism is essentially how your body turns the food you eat into energy. The process of this is pretty complex, made up of several factors like digestion to detox the organs, circulation for clean, healthy blood, and muscle to burn calories. The burning of calories and the increased amount you burn, the more your metabolic rate increases. With yoga being an all-encompassing practice, it is able to work all aspects of your body and mind. Because of this it not only is balancing your system, but balancing your metabolism as well.

Your circulatory system is another network inside of you that can benefit from Yoga. This network is composed of vessels and organs which are responsible for important things like oxygen, blood flow, hormones, and nutrients. The cardiovascular system is included in the network making up the heart, lungs, and systemic highways. Yoga impacts these three systems at the same time, which benefits your cardiovascular health greatly. Yoga does this through the breathing techniques, controlled positioning, and muscle targeting exercises that are included in many different types. If you feel you need a more intense cardio workout, there are specific types of yoga you can try, such as Power Yoga.

If you suffer from high stress levels, your symptoms can reveal themselves in many ways, and in many areas. Some of the common signs of stress are muscles becoming tight, headaches, back or neck pain, lack of concentration, sleeping problems, etc. Practicing yoga and incorporating its breathing and meditation techniques, you can develop the skills to manage your stress levels. In addition to the amazing physical benefits of yoga, your mind also is benefiting from these practices. The great news is that the more you progress with meditation, the easier it becomes and you can implement it throughout the day.

More physical benefits of yoga is providing surprising strength to those who practice it consistently. It’s very popular to think that only lifting weights and heavy cardio workouts will give you strength. But the muscles needed to control heavy weights are exercised in the various combinations of poses for yoga, which build tone and strength in smaller areas, offering support to larger muscle groups in heavy exercise. By training regularly, and being able to keep yourself in positions, you will strengthen the muscles in your core, back, arms and legs. All of which are essential in a body that is able to control itself.

Not only does Yoga increase strength but increases your flexibility too. During yoga you are essentially stretching your muscles and the more you stretch the longer they become. Having the ability to stretch and elongate the muscle is very beneficial. Doing so frees up tension and blood flow that might be lingering within. It reduces the risk of a headache or stress and can improve your range of motion. These exercises don’t overwork the muscle either as it is primarily about repetition and control. With regular practice, improvement can be noticed in your flexibility very quickly.
For those looking for a low impact sport, Yoga is the perfect solution due to its no impact on the joints. Ideally this would be extremely beneficial to those who have arthritis or any other joint inflammatory disease. You can often find a variation of movements that better suit your capabilities. Something customizable and low impact like yoga, along with a balanced diet can contribute to weight loss.

Due to the nature of yoga working every part of the body, it can strengthen and protect other areas that have been neglected by other forms of training. Yoga then could be the solution in injury prevention and significantly reduce the chances of becoming injured. This also goes for areas that may have already been previously injured. So not just injury protection but injury recovery too. There are specific yoga courses you can do which focus on restoration, guiding your injury to mending and further prevention from injury. So for whatever reason you are looking into Yoga, you can be sure it will help you become the healthiest version of yourself!