Creating A Plan To Improve Thinking

Current state of Readiness: Preparation

Individuals openly state their intent to change within the next 6 months and are more aware of the benefits of changing, but remain aware of the costs.

Our Goal: To encourage and motivate you to make specific plans.

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Ways to Improve Your Memory


  • Learning takes work
  • Develop a habit of actively paying attention
  • Just by concentrating on what you want to remember, your memory will improve

Make learning conscious and deliberate

  • Make a point of thinking to yourself that you want to remember something
  • Repeat what you want to remember to yourself
    • e.g. I am parking my car on level 2 near the green pole with the letter A on it.

Don’t overload your circuits

  • When two sets of information are in direct competition, older people tend to select one to remember and one to ignore.
  • Younger people try to remember both even though they might not remember them equally well
  • Make a list or a note

Make a mental picture

  • This is more important in familiar places than in unfamiliar places.
  • You are more likely to pay attention in unfamiliar places

Use all of your senses

  • A combination of sight, sound, and tactile memories are easier to remember.
  • Can you remember your last vacation?
  • What was it like?
  • Think of the experience using multiple sense

Learn new information and engage in the complex and novel

  • Activities which provide the greatest value to the brain
    • Challenge the brain
    • Stimulate leaning
    • Require practice
    • Promote synaptic density

Embrace change in your daily life

  • Sit at a different chair around the dinner table
  • Sleep on the other side of the bed
  • Brush your teeth with your other hand

The Next Step

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