State of Readiness Explanation

Based on your answers to the State of Readiness Questionnaire, your current state of readiness is:

Pre-Contemplation is the stage in which an individual is not ready to change behavior in the near future, usually measured as the next 6 months. Precontemplators are often characterized as resistant and tend to avoid information, discussion, or thought with regard to the targeted health behavior.

Contemplation is the stage individuals openly state their intent to change within the next 6 months. They are more aware of the benefits of changing, but remain aware of the costs. Contemplators are often seen as undecided to change or as procrastinators.

Preparation is the stage in which individuals intend to take steps to change, usually within the next month. This is viewed as a transition stage, with individuals intending progress in the next 30 days.

Action is the stage in which an individual has made intentional lifestyle modifications.