Animal Safari: Blank Park Zoo

If you love animals, then this is the program for you! Join us for an animal safari where we will be taking a virtual trip to check out and learn about new animals each week. This week we will be visiting the Blank Park Zoo.

Blank Park Zoo, located in Des Moines, Iowa, is the only accredited zoo in the state. Established in 1963, it spans over 49 acres and houses over 100 different species of animals from across the globe. The zoo’s mission is to inspire an appreciation of the natural world through conservation, education, and recreation.

Key attractions at the zoo include:

  • Jaama Kwa: Connection to Africa, opened in 2013, featuring species like Eastern black rhinoceros, common eland, okapi, and red river hogs.
  • David Kruidenier Australia Adventure, showcasing animals such as double-wattled cassowary, laughing kookaburra, and red-necked wallaby.
  • Kids’ Kingdom, built in 2007, offers interactive experiences with animals like Nigerian dwarf goats, llamas, and miniature donkeys.
  • Tom and Jo Ghrist Big Cat Complex with snow leopards, Amur tigers, and African lions.
  • Hub Harbor Pinniped Pavilion, featuring California sea lions and harbor seals.

The zoo is involved in over 230 conservation projects in 36 countries and participates in several Species Survival Plans. It places a strong emphasis on educating the public about biodiversity and wildlife preservation.

Blank Park Zoo offers various educational programs and activities, including Safari Camps, Zoo to You outreach programs, and educator workshops. The zoo also has initiatives like Plant.Grow.Fly for pollinator conservation and supports wildlife through efforts like recycling phones to help gorillas and programs to protect bald eagles.

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