Animal Safari: Reid Park Zoo

If you love animals, then this is the program for you! Join us for an animal safari where we will be taking a virtual trip to check out and learn about new animals each week. This week we will be visiting the Reid Park Zoo.

The Reid Park Zoo, located in Tucson, Arizona, is a 24-acre facility that offers an engaging experience for visitors with its diverse range of animal exhibits and educational programs. Founded in 1965, the zoo has expanded significantly over the years and now houses hundreds of animals in naturalistic exhibits.

Key highlights of the Reid Park Zoo include:

  • Exhibits featuring a variety of species from different continents, including Africa, Asia, and South America.
  • The African Savanna, Asian Grasslands, and South American Aviary, showcasing animals like the African elephant, Malayan tiger, and spectacled bear.
  • Educational outreach programs, including “Zoo to You” which brings the zoo experience to schools and communities.
  • Conservation efforts, with Reid Park Zoo actively involved in programs around the world to protect wild animals and their habitats.
  • Special events, keeper chats, and animal training demonstrations that provide an interactive experience for visitors.

The zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), ensuring high standards in animal care, conservation, education, and safety.

Reid Park Zoo is open daily and offers various amenities, including a café, gift shop, and well-maintained restrooms. It’s a family-friendly destination with activities and programs catering to visitors of all ages.

Check out their website: Reid Park Zoo

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