Financial Literacy: Money Talks – Employees, Independent Contractors, Volunteers

Ever wonder what the difference is between being an employee, an independent contractor, or a volunteer? Join us for an exciting presentation where we’ll decode these roles in a fun and simple way.

1. Employees: Part of the Team
We’ll start with employees, the team players of a company. Learn how employees work as part of a bigger group, usually with set hours and tasks, and get a regular paycheck. We’ll explore benefits like health insurance, paid vacation, and why they have taxes taken out of their pay.

2. Independent Contractors: The Solo Artists
Next up, independent contractors! Think of them as solo artists. They work for themselves, take on projects or gigs from different clients, and have more control over how they work. Understand why contractors invoice for their services, pay their own taxes, and don’t usually get the benefits that employees do.

3. Volunteers: Helping Hands
Then, there are volunteers – the heroes who work for free to support causes they care about. Discover why people volunteer, the types of work they do, and how volunteering can be rewarding in ways other than getting paid.

4. Comparing the Three: Similarities and Differences
Let’s compare and contrast these roles. We’ll look at how they’re similar and different in terms of pay, control over work, benefits, and responsibilities. It’s like looking at different flavors of working!

5. Interactive Quiz: Who Would You Be?
Ready for some fun? Take part in an interactive quiz where you decide which role – employee, contractor, or volunteer – you’d choose in different scenarios. It’s a cool way to think about what kind of work suits you best.

6. Making the Right Choice: Your Future Work Path
We’ll wrap up by discussing how to choose the right path for you. Whether you dream of being a full-time employee, an independent boss of your own, or giving back as a volunteer, understanding these roles is key to making informed decisions about your future work life.

Join us for this informative and engaging session where you’ll get a clear picture of the work world’s various roles. By the end, you’ll have a better grasp of where you might see yourself in the future workforce.

The event is only possible because of the generous support of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council.

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