Financial Literacy: Money Talks – Negotiating with Others

Ever wanted to get better at convincing people, whether it’s for better pay, a better discount, or just winning a friendly debate? Gear up for our interactive presentation where we’ll learn the super skills of negotiating in everyday life.

1. What is Negotiation?
We’ll kick off by understanding what negotiation is all about. It’s not just arguing or demanding; it’s more like a dance where both people find a solution that works for them. Learn how negotiation is used in everything from business deals to deciding what movie to watch with friends.

2. The Key Skills of a Great Negotiator
Discover the key skills every top negotiator has in their toolbox – like listening carefully, understanding the other person’s needs, and finding creative solutions. We’ll explore how being empathetic, patient, and clear can make you a negotiation ninja.

3. Preparing for Negotiation: Doing Your Homework
Preparation is crucial in negotiation. We’ll talk about how to get ready for a negotiation by understanding what you want, what you can offer, and what the other person might want. It’s like setting up your chess pieces before a big game.

4. The Power of Persuasion: Tips and Techniques
Persuasion is an art, and we’ll dive into some cool techniques to help you persuade effectively. Learn how to present your ideas persuasively, use positive language, and even how body language can make a big difference.

5. Practice Makes Perfect: Role-Playing Scenarios
Time to put your skills to the test! Through fun role-playing activities, you’ll get a chance to practice negotiating in different scenarios – from everyday situations to more challenging ones. It’s a safe way to try out your new skills.

6. Negotiating Fairly: The Win-Win Approach
Lastly, we’ll emphasize the importance of fair negotiation. Learn how finding a win-win solution, where everyone feels good about the outcome, is the hallmark of a great negotiator.

Join us for this fun and engaging session where you’ll learn the secrets of effective negotiation. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the tools and confidence to negotiate in a variety of situations. Let’s learn to talk the talk and negotiate like pros!

The event is only possible because of the generous support of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council.

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