Financial Literacy: Money Talks – Your Family

Have you ever wondered how the money flows in and out of your family? Join us for an eye-opening presentation where we’ll dive into the everyday economics of a family, just like yours!

1. Earning: How Families Make Money
First, let’s look at how families earn money. Whether it’s from jobs, small businesses, or other sources, we’ll explore the various ways money makes its way into your family’s wallet. Understand the hard work and dedication that goes into earning every dollar.

2. Spending: Where Does the Money Go?
Next, we’ll track where all that money goes. From groceries and rent or mortgage to fun family outings and those pesky bills. Learn how budgeting helps families manage their spending and ensure they have enough for the things they need (and some they want!).

3. Saving: The Art of Keeping Money for Later
Saving money is like planting seeds for the future. We’ll discuss why families save money – for emergencies, big purchases, or future goals like college funds. Understand the importance of saving a portion of the money that comes in and how it can grow over time.

4. Smart Money Habits: Tips and Tricks
Developing smart money habits is crucial, and it’s never too early to start. We’ll share some easy-to-follow tips and tricks on how to be smart with money, whether it’s through saving a little from your allowance or understanding the value of money.

5. Interactive Family Budget Activity
Put on your finance cap! In our interactive activity, you’ll help manage a mock family budget. Decide how to earn, spend, and save money, experiencing first-hand the decisions families have to make every day.

6. Your Role in Family Finance
Lastly, we’ll talk about your role in your family’s finances. From contributing to savings to being mindful of spending, every member of the family plays a part. Learn how you can contribute positively to your family’s financial health.

Get ready for a fun and informative session where you’ll learn all about the financial ins and outs of a family. By understanding how your family makes, spends, and saves money, you’ll gain valuable insights into managing finances responsibly.

The event is only possible because of the generous support of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council.

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