Truth or Dare w/Kim

“Truth or Dare” is a timeless party game known for its simplicity and ability to break the ice among participants. The game is played in a group where players take turns choosing between answering a question truthfully (“Truth”) or performing a dare (“Dare”).

Selecting “Truth” requires players to answer questions honestly, no matter how personal or challenging the question may be. This often leads to revelations and unexpected admissions, creating an atmosphere of openness and vulnerability.

Selecting  “Dare” challenges players to complete tasks or actions that can range from the silly to the bold and adventurous. Dares are designed to push players out of their comfort zones, often leading to laughter and memorable moments.

“Truth or Dare” is a great game that helps build connections, create unforgettable experiences, and most importantly, for the fun and excitement it brings to the group.

The event is being hosted by Kim a WTT Advocate.

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